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Cozzzy Scent Family Pack

Cozzzy Scent Family Pack

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Aromas for the soul anyone? Experience that warm, comforting sensation of just being at home with the loved ones whilst a delicious home-cooked meal is being whipped up and freshly baked cookies sit invitingly on the counter. What more can you ask for!

The COZZZY Family pack comprises of:

  • 1 Orange Sunrise scent capsule
  • 1 Precious Spices scent capsule
  • 1 Grandma Vanilla scent capsule
  • 1 Midnight Thrill scent capsule


  • Safe & certified scents/fragrances for pregnant women, children and domestic pets.
  • Scents/fragrances are alcohol-free and comply with both EU & US Fragrances And Cosmetics Regulations.
  • No wax, no oil, no residues, no gas, no flames = no mess!
  • The scent capsules last for approximately 60 hours of continual use or at full fan speed.
  • Made in Grasse, France.
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