It all started with a business trip sometime in mid-December 2019 and with some spare time on my hands, I thought I should start looking around for a Christmas gift for the wife. She always loved aromatherapy diffusers and scenting the house so I thought that getting a diffuser for her with some new scents might make a great Christmas gift. After walking around the malls for slightly over an hour (this was torture for someone who doesn’t fancy shopping too much!!), I still couldn’t find anything that I thought was suitable. Therefore, I decided to call it quits for the day, saw a bar across the road and decided to re-think my gift plan over a beer!!

I’m still not sure exactly what I typed into Google search but the screen on my mobile phone then showed an image of a device that stated it was a SMART HOME FRAGRANCE MIXER called Moodo. I began reading about Moodo and what it was all about, what it could do etc, ordered another beer, kept on reading, ordered yet another beer and thought that this was just so damn cool and it would make the perfect gift for the wife!! Well, I placed an order for it there and then and asked for it to be delivered directly to my office so I can then “attempt” to gift wrap it up for my wife.

“Love at First Scent”

It was delivered about a week later and before wrapping it up, I wanted to test it out to make sure that it was working and that it really could do all that cool stuff with the smart features and all. So, I tested it out and began trying to create my own scents......

As it states above, it was ‘Love at First Scent’….

Fast forward a few months later and it is our pleasure to say that Moodo is exclusively brought to you by LUXE ENTERPRISES PTE LTD, the official and sole distribution partner for Singapore.

Do feel free to reach out to us anytime at all at info@moodo.sg

Do stay safe always!!


PS: Just to finish up on this, I kept that first Moodo set for myself and bought my wife another Christmas present instead………........!!