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Mediterranean Dreams Scent Family Pack

Mediterranean Dreams Scent Family Pack

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Indulge yourself in the beautiful ambiance of the Mediterranean! Get absolutely blown away with their amazing scents of the region's typical spices, foods and flowers. It'll feel like you're actually there itself, walking hand-in-hand with your special someone.

The MEDITERRANEAN DREAMS Family pack comprises of:

  • 1 Spice Market scent capsule
  • 1 Amber Wood scent capsule
  • 1 Jaffa Clementine scent capsule
  • 1 Floral Musk scent capsule


  • Safe & certified scents/fragrances for pregnant women, children and domestic pets.
  • Scents/fragrances are alcohol-free and comply with both EU & US Fragrance And Cosmetics Regulations.
  • No wax, no oil, no residues, no gas, no flames = no mess!
  • The scent capsules last for approximately 60 hours of continual use or at full fan speed.
  • Made in Grasse, France.


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